Evolution of Blade Throw


I wanted to make a spell inspired by Draven's catching axes from League of Legends. (Linked below)

I also was inspired by https://twitter.com/worms____/status/1045726446801510400

The first iteration above casted the blade spell and upon hit, cast another spell that was aimed towards the player. When it hit the player, it would recast the first spell. I had to slow down the speed of the initial projectile to give the player time to move around and have some control over where the blade would go next.

It was still a bit too stiff and often the blade would go into a row with no enemies, making it useless. I tried fixing this by having the blade spell go back in queue, and move back all the other spells upon catch. (It felt lackluster going to the top of the deck and the deck would end up shuffling if it were the last spell used). However, this contradicted the flow of the spell system. It was fun but it wouldn't work well if players were surprised by it, especially not knowing which slot (Q or W) it would go into.

The final iteration had the blades stick into the ground for 4 seconds. They could best casted at any time by simply moving over them. This also synergizes a bit with some movement spells! I really want to make the most of the movement in this grid-based system. I feel like it is really easy to ignore the grid based system, but it's something unique to One Step From Eden, so I want to take full advantage of it.

Here's that Draven video, referring to his spinning axes.

Thank you for reading!

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