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Megaman Battle Network inspired Roguelike 

One Step From Eden is a deckbuilding roguelike with relentless real-time Battle Network combat. Cast powerful spells on the fly, battle evolving enemies, find game-changing artifacts, make friends or make enemies, just make it to Eden.

Also Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2020!

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Was thinking about wish listing this on steam but... yeah you see, all these negative comments are making me feel like I should go for something else instead, and seeing that there's no updates since 2020, I'm pretty convinced that the devs don't care so... yeah not gonna buy it

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Bought this on PS4... waste of money. Loadouts and cosmetics are too hard to unlock largely because the game just gets too hard too fast.

Not at all helped by the fact that too many cards are useless and you don't get compensated for skipping cards (skipping cards SHOULD reward EXP or currency) so you end up falling behind by not wanting a bunch of random stuff that most of the time contradicts the characters playstyles.

Maybe it would help alot if there were more rogue-lite elements to aid the player in the long term so that the game could get easier through time investment.  ):

As someone who really enjoys the game on switch, you can actually control what cards you get at the end of battle by opening up your deck and selecting what card brands to focus on.  It's right above your list of current cards, but I don't blame you for missing it because the game doesn't do a very good job of letting you know it's an option.  


ok i dowloading 1.6.2 from igg for free, easy game

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does this run on Catalina OSX?

Yes, it's a 64-bit app. 


 did you lose your nerv, dev?


Shame that this game still isn't out on itch, I loved the demo but I simply wont give anymore of my money to valve or cdpr. 

Yea its a shame

i wish It could be made for andriod and/or web


Not making the game available on the platform who helped you gain some visibility isn't really nice to stay courteous.. 


Yeah I understand, sorry, unfortunately it's complicated.


Well at least it's on GOG which is also DRM-Free:

this is my new obsession, i was, (and still am) obsessed with megaman battle network. this is the (reboot?) that we needed. thank you so much! will be getting this as soon as i have the money!


Launch on itch.io!!! Thanks :)


Now to control the urge to immediately buy this game and wait for my paycheck.

same, but i dont have a paycheck.

Allowance the?

no, but i do mow lawns for money. and you can see the problem with that right now.

I know your pain brother although instead of lawns it was trees and mostly for old people who wanted fresh fruit but are too old to get it themselves.


Hello, when will it be available on itch.io ?


Second this!


Third this!


A lot of developers seem to use Itch to gather a crowd, but then only release on Steam. Well jokes on them, I stopped buying indie games on Steam a while back. Release it on Itch, GOG, Playism, GameJolt, I don't care, but I don't want any more DRM in my indie games. 


I stopped buying any games on Steam as a result of the new library update turning their client into a health hazard for many customers. Good reason to push for the game to be released on platforms which don't do that.


It's hard to handle a release on multiple platforms at the same time. But we'll look into others and let you guys know.

How do you download the demo? I don't see a link on the Steam page.

It's still on GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/OSFE/366092

Thanks so much!


Demo wouldn't run on Mac until I did some fiddling with it. Right click on the downloaded "OneStepFromEden_xxx.app" file and click "Show Package Contents", then navigate to "Contents" -> "MacOS". The single file in there is the game executable.  It doesn't have the right flags to be able to run, so to fix that, open up the Application "Terminal" (or any other terminal you may have) and type "chmod a+x " making sure to add the space after x, and then drag the executable into the terminal window and press enter. If the terminal says you don't have permission, try "sudo chmod a+x " instead, and you will need to enter a password after pressing enter.

Now the game is runnable, but the executable is not signed by a trusted signature so Mac Gatekeeper will try to stop you from running it. The trick is to hold option and right click / "secondary click" on the "OneStepFromEden_xxx.app" and click open (not the executable but the original ".app" file you downloaded). This will open a popup that says Mac can not verify the signature, and then you click on "Run anyways" or something along those lines, that should open up the game! It will ask for permissions to access your Keyboard or something along those lines, but in my experience it didn't need this at all to run so feel free to ignore it. From now on you should be able to open the demo normally without having to do any of these steps again.

Anyways for the review of the game itself: 

Beat the first boss on first try, but run wasn't optimal. Had that spell that uses the spell in the other slot and consumes it, and I felt like it opened up a burn strategy that could be really OP, but pace of the game was too frantic to be able to make correct decisions about what to burn. I will definitely spend a little more time with the demo, and when the game drops it's an insta-buy from me. Great work!!


Thanks for the guide calvinatlan! I appreciate that, Mac has been making it more and more difficult for demos to run :/


Appreciate you releasing it for Mac! I game on both but my laptop is a Mac so this is a perfect game for playing on the go!


The demo is already really fun. Will definitely be picking this up for Switch once it's out.


Awesome! It'll come out on switch on March 26th too :)

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You have my money.
I really liked the demo because it brought me back to the 30 minutes of Megaman Battle Network I played as a kid. (I really liked the gameplay,  just never had a gba for myself).
I'll be buying this in the first few hours when it comes out!

Thank you so much Sheepshr!



Yeah I can't wait!


ummm the victory fanfare theme. isnt that........from final fantasy?

Close, it's from Epic Battle Fantasy! It's just a placeholder though.

I'm happy it's out soon, the demo instantly hooked me up and I have been following the news ever scince. Congrats on finishing, I'm sure it's gonna be a blast!

Thanks so much alex!

OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS A AMAZING GAME. I have never played a mega-man battle network game, so when I first played this, I thought it was an amazing experience. I love how you can make different choices with bosses to affect the story, or heal you. I CAN'T WAIT until this game is released, and when it does, I will scrape up the cash to buy it!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the choices, I always like having that choice in games I play too!

idk if this question is new but will there be any offline multiplayer modes such as versus or co-op?

Yep there'll be offline PvP and Co-op!

i can tell this is based off of MBN series




That's okay!! I'm glad you like it :) We're releasing real soon!

The demo proved rather fun and exciting, though, one thing did bother me: The battle aftermath music is the same as that used in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, as such I'm curious, was it just royalty free music that Matt used? if it isn't did you seek matt's permission to use it? Will the final game have a different post battle track, perhaps one more fitting to the game?

Yes, that's a placeholder from the composer of EBF5. She was kind enough to release that track and a few others!

The full game has a full original soundtrack (over 90 minutes long)!

I knew some of the tracks had been publicly released but I didn't know they were free for use as placeholders, that's actually super neat.

I loved the Battle Network games! Looking forward to the end product!

Hope the full game will be release here on Itch and not just Steam.

This game is liiiit! Loved the demo version, will buy as soons as available! :D Great work!


Thank you! Glad you had fun, there's so much in store for the full game (it'll be out in a couple months)

A big thanks for replying. Not all developers reply to every comment and I think it really makes a difference. Wish you all the success, I'm really looking forward for the full game release :)


Man this game is frantic, but in the same kind of frantic that a bullet hell captures.

Actually that really sums the game up well to me, a Spire-like bullet hell.  Which is something I didn't know I needed till playing this.

I love how the game looks crazy, but makes sense while playing it, a rare feat!

The demo may have been short but it was a blast! Looking forward to the full launch. :D

Thanks for playing Spinal! I'm really glad you're into it and were able to make sense of the game so far :)

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First of all if you are seeing this i highly suggest you play this game because its something unique that i havent seen much if any of the same.

This game is in my opinion really unique overall but first ill start with the graphics, they are for me very very good since i am not into realistic graphics and i really like pixel art this game just clicks to me when it comes to graphics animations are just enough not too much but not too little.

I played this and an hour just went by in a flash i think this just says that the game is good.

How the game controls? Well, its actualy pretty smooth it doesnt feel like there is a delay in the inputs and the controls are really good in my opinion and if someone doesnt like them well they can even change them.

Music was awesome in my opinion i really liked it and it fit the game well.

I love a lot of the mechanics of the game, how when you lose health even at the first enemy you encounter you feel like, that little 30hp you lost will doom you for the rest of your run because you do not heal between fights and i love that feeling. Gameplay is intense and i get so into it that i start to think that pressing my keyboard keys harder make my attacks stronger not every game manages to do that for me so this is a big plus. This game also takes a lot of focus and its really challenging making its completion a hard but really rewarding task as you feel the ultimate satisfaction upon completing it.

From a year ago that i played to be honest i expected more stuff to have changed but even though there wasnt as much as i hoped for it still was a better experience with new spells and some new mechanics some of my favourite being the nurses that you have to save and not totally accidentally kill like i sometimes did (nurses i think should heal 100 health instead of 50 just to make it a bit more rewarding but thats just me)and the campfires since they feel like a nice pause for the player (i would like to see more in the camping spot). Upgrades feel essential getting that good upgrade that you wanted feels awesome and they really enhance the gameplay. All the spells feel like they have a reason to exist and i dont think a single one should get buffed or nerfed my favourite spells were definetly the turret because its a really good in my opinion attack that gives u a disadvantage too making it pretty balanced in a nice way, i really also like the minefield attack because it pretty much guarantees damage if your oponents are moving and it is really helpful.

A year ago i said the paths in this game were pretty much the same and now i think that the same problem exists just in a bit of a smaller scale paths definetly need a change and my suggestion would be to make the top path an easy path the middle path a medium difficulty path and the bottom path a hard path. How would that affect gameplay? Well the idea behind that thought is that the harder the path is the more rewards you get so players can choose to start with the hard path to get good spells and upgrades early on the run and then switch to an easier path to not lose that much health or they can choose to just take the medium path for decent rewards and a decent challenge throughout the run. The flexibility of being able to change paths mid run is why i think this idea would work.

Last time i played this i also thought that the main attack needed a buff but now i dont think it does need a buff because i realised that its purpose wasnt to be a main damage output move so i would have it stay as it is.

The boss fights are challenging but after a few tries you can get their attack patterns in your memory and then its an easy fight. I think the boss fights are definetly good.

What i would want to see in the game also is maybe a coop and a training area where you have access to all the upgrades and all the spells to learn how they work / how to use them.

I really also liked that i did die a lot in this game but i never felt rage probably because it is so easy to just retry sinceu dont have to watch any 10 minute cutscenes or anything everytime you rejoin and the game is pretty fast paced.

I love the enemy / character designs.

Great game and i would love to see the full release :D

I played the game for an hour or so so i might have not gotten the full experience but i think i played enough to at least get some points about the game.

Hope you enjoyed my huge list of things that i liked/disliked about the game.

The huge list was great, although this demo hasn't been updated in a really long time. Release is coming in a couple months! There'll be a huge difference.

Mobile version anytime? Can't imagine how good it might be to play it on the go (my hands will be sweaty for sure)

Maybe in the far future!

eden wont respond to this comment



Linux release?

Yeah, there's actually a Linux demo on gamejolt if you'd like to play it.


Loved it! I hope you get to make a full version, MMBN was my life as a kid! 


Thanks so much for playing! Same here :D

This is awesome.
This is so much fun, and its "just" the demo.
How much money I need to keep that I am able to buy it on the release? :D


All I can say is it won't be more than $20


I just discovered this today and had so much fun with it! I am so excited and can't wait for it's release!

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Some feedback in the form of a wall of text:

The "win track" is looping wierdly, it could have a start part and then a looping part. Like this:


Intro ->  |>Looping ^

The music is other than that really good! I would actually expect a chiptune styled track for a game with pixelart, but the music in this game makes the game feel a bit more modern while at the same time fitting the game.

Actually, all the styles manage to go together in this game wonderfully well, which is dead hard to do.

The abilities are a bit hard to understand in the beginning though and all the passive effects and stuff. But after a while i got the hang of it!

I think its a bit wierd that you can move when selecting the next place to go after a battle. Since you are in a menu you should be in the menu and not move around the character.

Its really cool how you get different paths everytime. I found myself looking at the map over and over again to plan out how I should keep going based on my health and my cards. 

I dont really get what the goal of the game really is, is it just to get to the end, what is in the end, is it worth getting to? It would be great with something too look forward too in the end and make it more rewarding when you get there.

I don't know how you made the resolution change but if it is possible, please add a setting for 1920 x 1080.

But thats what mostly noticed and thought of during the game. Everything else was so good that I didn't even notice!

Also, if you need a translator for swedish I'm up for it!

Hey thank you so much for all the suggestions! I'm working on the final version of the game and will make sure all of those are taken care of :) I can tell you have a solid sense of game design!

I've currently got translation all covered but thank you for the offer!


This is such an awesome game!!

Best run I've ever accidentally stumbled into lol

I honestly can't wait for this game to be released! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for what seems like years! 
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