Demo v166 + PAX East Update

GDC and PAX East were a big success! I got a ton of feedback and met so many other developers and personal role models in the industry. People loved One Step From Eden there! It was great to meet and thank you guys in person, I hope I made it worth stopping by :)

Saffron plush prototype update:


You can Now Play the Demo on Steam! 
(Don't forget to wishlist it too!)


Flurry combos:
One Step From Eden VN (April fools):
Swords of light:

Flames can interact with certain spells causing them to spread or even explode!

New vivisection spell spawns 3 blades behind you, letting you choose what pattern to fire them in!

Some character concept art of Terra from TopDylan!

Arctic Battle theme Preview:

I've been feeling like a real part of the game industry recently, and it's awesome. There's still a ton of work to do, so I'm going to keep working hard on One Step From Eden!


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This game was a masterpiece when I first tried it out, and it is takng shape into a game I'll be happy to buy the moment it comes out! Hope to see what else awaits!    :3

I LOVE YOU, YOU GLORIOUS BASTARD! But seriously I am grateful for the existence of this game.