Weekly Update #48 - Trinity


Tri Shot - doublecasts when Trinity is charged.

Added a new mechanic to the game called Trinity. After 3 stacks of it are charged (by casting spells) a special effect will trigger on the next Trinity spell cast.

I wanted to add something with more anticipation and burst because they can be more exciting than things that are constant. This involved moving beyond single spells and having a mechanic where multiple spells could work together. There is strategy in which spells are used to charge and which one is used to finally trigger the bonus effect.


Tri Rag - casts Ragnarok when Trinity is charged

Trinity effects can be any effect in the game: casting spells, gaining shield, healing, etc. It can also be combined with other effects like Frost so that these different mechanics can still benefit each other.


Tri Force - instantly charges Trinity stacks to full!

Slowly stacking Trinity isn’t the only option, there is a lot of room for mechanics that influence how Trinity is built up and used as a resource. There will also be Artifacts and items that trigger when Trinity is stacked and charged. For example, gaining +2 Mana while Trinity is fully charged. Or gaining +1 Spellpower every time Trinity is used.

As for the visuals, I wanted something that would obviously represent being charged 3 times, thus went for the triangles. I also had to make sure it was obvious when it was fully charged and ready to trigger the next Trinity spell effect, so I had the triangles light up a bit and turn a darker pink when fully charged. There was a bit of awkwardness where the triangles would always show up in front of the player, but it worked out well enough.

I’ve also added to the game recently are seeded runs. Players can now enter seeds for the next run via the email field on the end screen.


There’s Magfest and a Kickstarter coming up on January 3rd. (Mark your calendars) Bigger announcements later ;)

Thank you for reading! It’s going to be a crazy month.

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