Demo Patch - v160 +30,000 downloads!

Hi everyone! This is going to be the last demo patch for One Step From Eden - v160

I am stopping updates for the demo so I can focus more on the developing the full version of the game without worrying about having to keep every little thing in working order. 

Thank you so much to the 30,000+ people who have downloaded the demo! It's been an amazing journey so far and things are only going to get crazier!

One Step From Eden is coming to the Switch! in 2020!

Check out the new demo trailer here:

A lot of development now is focused on creating content for the game, including new enemies, bosses, characters, spells, and items!

Rhythm Boss mechanics:

There is a ton of cool stuff so stay tuned and follow on twitter if you want to see the newest stuff!

I'll be attending GDC and PAX East in a booth so feel free to say hi there!
GDC (Game Developers Conference) - March 18-22, 2019 in San Francisco, CA
PAX East - Mar 28 - 31, 2019 in Boston, MA

More details coming soon!

v160 Balance changes:

  • KillShot 2->3 mana, 100->200 dmg
  • Focus 2->1 mana
  • Frostmail - fire a frostbolt on hit
  • Thorn 1->2 spellpower
  • Double edge +4 spellpower, -3 defense

Curious about everything in the demo? Check out the wiki managed by a few great members from the Discord Server!

Thank you for all your support! -Thomas

Files 137 MB
Feb 22, 2019 147 MB
Feb 22, 2019


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So hype, can't not wait to get this game. May have to end up buying it twice depended on when in 2020 the switch copy comes.


Very Hype