Character Skins - Design Concepts!

When coming up with the skins for each character, we had a few things in mind.

1. Keep the characters original identity

2. Put a spin on their identity that could step outside the game's lore

3. Make them fun!

Saffron - Witch

For Saffron we wanted to emphasize her magical prowess, and what's more magical than witch? It came just in time for Halloween too! One of the most interesting things about this one is that the character will be riding around on a broom the whole time, which works well with the dash/move mechanic of the game but also gives a whole different feel of riding on a "mount."

Reva - Cyber

Reva still has her shield and still has her tough-armored look, but is now leaner, faster, and more aggressive. We thought it would be cool to see her in an offensive form since she is so shield-centric. Her pop-out energy shield makes her feel a lot snappier and agile!

Hazel - Priestess

As a mechanic, Hazel repairs her turrets. We thought it was similar to what a Priestess does, except they're healing people. The magical theme with the staff was a nice replacement for Hazel's wrench. And we got to bring in some inspiration from one of my favorite games, Fire Emblem!

The skins are being created by jtangc, one of my biggest personal inspirations for pixel art. It's been an honor to work with him!

Let us know which ones are your favorite, and what other skins you're looking forward to!
Of course, you won't need to pay extra for any of these!


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Now I'm missing little things that combine the designs, like technical hints on the hazel, saffron and some magic detail on reva. On all of those no angel signs. The concepts are nice but respective bridges to the other themes (technical, angelic, magic) are missing.

just to be sure i havent completely overlooked a playable character hazel isnt in the current version that is downloadable correct? and if she is how do i unlock her

Only Reva is unlockable in the free demo, you can unlock her by beating the secret boss which you get to by winning the 4th battle with the purple crystal at 100 hp

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thanks for confirmation - thats what i thought but didnt want to leave out the possibility of her being locked behind the alt route while playing as reva / only ever got that boss down to 25% hp on my best run 


Now this is quality content thanks osfe.

Dang... all of these are looking super good.. will these be available in the game from the get go or will the be available as unlockable content through achievements or some such?

Yeah they'll be unlockable!