Dreamhack Booth 2018!

Dreamhack was a Blast! I heard the crowds were a bit sparser than other expos but we had a ton of people at the booth with all 3 stations full!

It was amazing to meet people who love the game in person and really fun watching them try and beat the last boss of the demo to win t-shirts. Some people got really excited! I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth all the money and effort I put in, but it totally was!

We had a beautiful booth with banner art by @TopDylan

We had a ton of merch to give out including t-shirts, enamel pins, button pins and flyers! We were giving out t-shirts to whoever could beat Selicey (the final boss). At first I thought I made it too hard, but we ended up running out of t-shirts just at the end of the expo.

Thanks so much to my friends for driving down 12 hours with me and helping me setup and run the booth. It would have been Impossible on my own. They got awesome One Step From Eden hoodies though ;)

And of course thank you all for coming by the booth. We met so many amazing people there and we can't wait to do more expos!

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Seems like a nice turn out!  Keep up the good work!

Thank you! Yeah there were so many people! But all of them were super nice :)