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Is this the Next popular game?

lets gets this one the top rated Game!!!!!

Love the artwork and the game mechanics

Thanks! I sure hope so!


The art for this game is so good! I was immediately drawn to it just on the art alone. After listening to the music form the trailer and playing the demo, I decided that buying the $50 tier was more than worth it. Did Saffron take inspiration from Curly from Cave Story?

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No but it's hilarious how they ended up looking alike (Saffron and Curly). Saffron is actually inspired by Ciel from Megaman Zero and Makise Kurisu from Steins Gate! :) Thank you so much for backing <3

It will be steam-exclusive?

No, it will be available on too :)

OK for the love of god, PLEASE allow us to either drop artifacts or refuse to pick them up. I keep getting the Spazdrone and it's almost always more detrimental to me than it is beneficial and I hate it.

I actually have all the "detrimental" artifacts tagged so they don't show up randomly in the boxes. What is detrimental about the Spazdrone for you? I have gotten a couple complaints about it in the past, and may add it to the list then!

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1. Wastes glassifier charges (this is the biggest one)

2. Deals damage to nurses, friendly turrets, and secret area crystals when you don't want it to

3. Triggers nonstop counterattacks from the secret boss

4. Sometimes finishes off an enemy when you wanted to get a death trigger off of them (eg soul eating spell)

While I'm complaining, also not a fan of losing nurses to automatic enemy explosions, but I guess that can be planned around, unlike the drone which never stops shooting when you dodge.

Don't worry I made it not trigger Glassify charges on purpose! However, your buster weapon attack will trigger them. Also the counterattacks from the secret boss only do as much damage as they get hit by, so a strategy is to use up all of her counterattacks with low damage hits.


Hyped for the new milestone, busy with IRL stuff, I'll promise I'll play it as soon as I can

Awesome :)


hey, thats pretty good

buuuuut the controls are just not that good, defenetley usable but not that great, i cant exactly put my finger on what is off about them, maybe instead of tapping the d pad you coud continue to press it and move

overall 8.5/10

Hey lel yeah it is a bit harder on the dpad. I would recommend playing on keyboard if that's more comfortable!

thanks for the reply and the advice!

im going to try the keyboard a little more and hope you get the founding for a nintendo swich relase


Oops forgot to post here when I posted my video, but I had a lot of fun with this game! It's pretty fast paced and I wasn't able to beat the boss cause hoo boy is she fast! Still pretty fun though. Hope you enjoy the video! 


Amazing. I really love the game. And it is difficult XD(that is the reason why I love it. hah).  Hope your guys can make it better and hope my keyboard can stand my every click next time!wwwww

Love it, hope it's still backable by the time I get paid. PLEASE put it on the Switch. There were a couple rounds that I didn't get hit and it felt amazing, so excellent work on everything gameplay-wise.

I hope that the full version has its own "battle won" jingle, and tones down the memey stuff. It's just not my taste.


Yes there is an original OST in the works (original victory jingle included)! And I really want to see it on the switch too! Thank you so much. The memey stuff is just me having fun with the demo ;) Sorry if it's a bit too cringy for you haha


Thanks for the reply! Can't wait to get my plushie.

i really love this

this hard but really nice. i really like it

i love this


Loved it can't wait to see more

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Awesome game! An original and stylish rogue-like. Wish I was better at these fast paced games. Last boss was way too quick for me :(


That last boss is super fast! If you treat it like a puzzle game though there are some patterns that you can follow. For example, she goes back to the same highlighted tile after all her attacks. And when she sends 4 swords to your side of the field, they activate in the order she sends them over :) Thank you don Jay!


Made it to the last boss, I'll have a friend to test it the game and see if he can beat Selicy, I'll get good in this game some day.

Pd: I love the song of the 1st enemy encounter 

Haha good job Riley and thank you! I hope he can beat HER!

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OH. MY. GOD! This game is AMAZING! Im so glad that you made this perfection of a game! I loved every single moment of this game. Even though I got pretty pissed with the first bosses final insta-kill attack, i figured there must be a way to get around it, which there was. (For those of you that still cant get past that, you can use the sword dash attack, or just dont die, and be revived after you kill her.) Then fighting HER was hell. But what i liked, was that this game is so charming and great, that you will never get too pissed off at it and rage quit.

What would be a really great feature for the game though, would be the use of kits, or spell decks with preset spells in them. Maybe you can have one kit that uses the first boss' attacks, maybe another kit uses HER's attacks. It doesnt even have to be that. It can even be a kit that uses fire spells, or one that uses ice spells.

Even if it isnt online pvp, this would make this game the game of the year, imo.

(also, im gonna advertise this on Reddit and prolly youtube, and you cat stop me :P )

Hey Kuugeki, haha great job figuring that trick out ;) I'm glad you kept going! You'll be able to play as all the bosses in the final game! And they will each have multiple "kits" or starting decks you can play with! I plan on putting Local PvP in the game, I love local multiplayer. Thank you so much :)

No, thank you for making the game!

Why not online PvP?  :(


I think the first BOSS's ejection skill is a bit too difficult, basically can't escape, I hope to reduce this difficulty.

Thanks to the author for adding Chinese to the game!Looking forward to the release of the game!

You just need to use the sword when she says one. You can dodge her attack easily once you do the trick

Thank you, I know this, but every time I get there, I can’t wash that card.


Made a video


This game looks wicked cool, and difficult. 


Well,it's a great game.But a little diffculit for me .lol

Thanks! Sorry it is a difficult game but you will get better at it I promise!


man i love this game great idea using the MMBN style of play and the visuals are beautiful cant wait for the release 


Really sick demo! Good luck with the full release!

Thank you Gaming Daze!

No problem!

Hey, I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think this is supposed to happen?

But really, I have no idea why this is happening or what it is. Any help would be very nice.


Hmm I'll try to fix that,  thanks! Maybe try redownloading the demo? Or updating some graphics drivers?

I've tried reinstalling the demo to no effect, and my drivers are all up to date. Do you know anything else I could try to get the game running?

If not, thanks anyway. Really appreciate the help.

Played this demo at MAGFest and was blown away!


Great game guys, excited to play it


Awesome! Thanks for playing it :)


like undertale cool


Really slick little demo. One feature that would be helpful is a way to see the aoe of a spell. Maybe let the player hold down the spell button to the display the aoe and then release to cast or press another button to cancel.


I'll definitely try to add that in! It would just be difficult to do it for each spell.

This game actually inspired me to try the Battle Network games and have confirmed the need for displaying the aoe. BN is a lot slower than your game so you get plenty of time to line stuff up and you can read spell descriptions mid battle with the psuedo-turn system. I love the pace though, lends itself really well to a rogue-like which you are likely to play over and over.


Excellent ! I loved litterally at the first seconds ! Great job ! I  have particularly liked the gameplay.

Thanks Darknight! I'm glad you liked it :)


As soon as I saw those side GIFs, I was like "WOW this is like Megaman!" Can't wait to try this.



I'll be tweeting about this, whether you want me to or not ^_~


Saw this on the front page and can't say how hyped I am to try this later tonight. Battle Network combat is the bomb


I love this game!!! I didn't know there was updates to the game bc I was playing on v109. This game has an rpg element with cards! Wow! I am glad my trashy computer could run this game! However I used to not get any lag playing with the screen scale x3 on v109. Now I get lag on v130 so I have to turn it down one scale. Maybe a low graphics mode? On the other hand, great game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! (Sorry for the crappy commentary xd)

Hey Mason Jason! That art is really cute! I'll see if I can optimize see things to make the game a bit smoother. Thank you and I really enjoyed your play through :)


I love it, game looks amazing. Can't wait for the Kickstarter :)


Bloody amazing. I can see the game took some inspiration from Slay The Spire with the map, relic, and card system but added a little spin with Megaman battle network style combat.

  The sound design and music were great and the spriting work was beautifully well crafted. One thing that I found to be weird was the card's flavor text reference.  Seriously, this makes Gintama look like a college essay. I'm half expecting Apotheosis to be a card. Not that I mind it, I actually found it to be quite charming. The gameplay, goddamn, the gameplay. If you like the simple yet diverse card system from Slay The Spire and enjoyed the fast-paced combat of Dead Cells. Well, I got good news for you buddy! It also includes anime girls, free of charge.

  However, just like every single game created on planet earth, it has flaws. So here are some flaws. 

* Relic that you get from opening the box of Touhou should be skippable. Mainly because some of the relics can either make or break a deck. Or is just plain bad like the Spaz turret. I understand I can skip it before opening it, but I always open the box anyway cause I'm always afraid that it might be something really, really good.

* Some of the descriptions of the card needs to be reworked (Like what does 100x75 means?!)

And that's it really. Aside from the obvious stuff that is more than likely going to be fixed in the final version like card artwork being duplicates of each other. The game is freaking amazing. Definitely, be buying this when it comes out of steam. Anyway, have fun when making the game, don't forget to sleep and may the coffee be with you.

Thank you, that's really motivating :) I'll think about the feedback, I tag certain items to not show up in those random chests (the ones that have a tradeoff for example don't show up,since they can mess up a build). It would require a bit of work to make them optional though.

The descriptions do need to be polished, half of the description/card is generated from the card statistics to take some of the workload off me.

I'm especially glad you enjoyed the gameplay though! Also Gintama hahaha? I'm not sure what you meant by making Gintama look like a college essay. The flavor text is definitely weird, I went through all the cards at 5am and wrote the first thing that came to my head XD

Ah dang, I didn't realize that some relics does not appear in the chest. That explains why there's no medkit in any of those chests. Thanks for taking your time to reply to my feedback and misconception. Hopefully, your game turns out a success for your career.

Also, the Gintama joke was referring to how some of the cards flavor text has a very niche reference that it makes Gintama references seems original in comparison. Cause college essay is all about that anti-plagiarism :p. The flavor texts are great, for the love of god please keep it.


pretty great and interesting concept


Just played the demo for the first time after forgetting what this game was called for several months and not being able to find it, haha. I've been looking for some other MMBN-inspired project to see different ideas explored (I'm currently making my own!)

Gotta say, I really like it so far! I would have never thought to combine BN-style gameplay with a roguelike system, it's very interesting. The game is refreshingly difficult -- not extremely hard or gimmicky, but also definitely not a walk in the park, even for an experienced BN fan like myself. Haven't beaten the final secret boss just yet, but I'm working on it! Graphically it looks very nice as well, and in-battle information is surprisingly clear despite the chaotic attack patterns. Music isn't too shabby either. Liked the dialogue being short, sweet, and a little humorous.

In fact, the only criticism I could think of is the general theme of the game being a bit nebulous, but perhaps that will be resolved with a full release that delves a tiny bit deeper into some sort of expanded lore.

But I have to ask... Will there be multiplayer? please say yes

Otherwise, keep up the great work! Would love to see this on the Switch, definitely a must-buy for me if that happened.

Hey Bottlecapn! I'm really glad you like it, there will definitely be more of a solid theme/story in the final game :)

The plans are currently to have local co-op and PvP, online stuff may be added in the far future.

I'm going to have a Kickstarter on January 3rd and Nintendo Switch will be a stretch goal :)


ok lemme tell u what i like about the game

1.The difficulty is at the right place where u die a couple times but then u get familiar with the controls and stuff and u start to do well

2.Art styke us epic it is pixelated but sometimes u forget that and u feel like the game is not pixelated idk how to explain that feeling

3.Health is at the right place u never feel like something has too much health or too low health everything is good

4.The skills u unlock feel rewarding because with the skill system u always will use all of ur skills

now lemme tell u what i dont like about the game

1.The basic attack is pretty much useless (for me at least) i never used it cuz its low damage and if ur moving slows firerate too soo yea maybe buff it?

2.I get that this is a demo but rn the paths feel all the same i took all the paths and yea didnt feel any difference

3.The ability that fires fireballs all over the tiles (hits u also) is way too fast in my opinion i couldnt dodge any of the fireballs coming my way

That is all i rly like this game and maybe i have more likes and dislikes i didnt mention if i remember any i will reply with extra details :D


Oh yea also the enemy's hits feel balanced none are too fast or too slow or do too much damage or too low damage.

great game i would love to see a full release in the future :D


Thank you Qeltonic you make a lot of good points! I'll be adding some things to make the basic attack more powerful and definitely adding more zone types to make the path choices more interesting. I agree with you, they all feel pretty similar at the moment. I'll see if I can slow down those fireballs that hit yourself too! You're the best for posting such helpful feedback!

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1.Idk if u have thought of this but maybe a pvp? where the arena will be bigger than the sandard arena and the players can just use whatever skills they want?

2. maybe a creative mode? where u can draw ur own monsters and animations with an editor and maybe give them abilities from the player's arsenal.

3.Like have different ability types? Some Support some Defensive some Aggresive (this could work with lets say W being ur attack spells and Q being ur support/defensive spells.

4.Leveling up spells. I would either see this being like u find an area with a chest and if u keep that chest "Alive" until the end and then u get some sort of token to level up ur spell or when u kill enemies u get coins to upgrade ur spells

5.Add companions that would act either with them being at the side giving u buffs or being in the arena fighting with you.

6.Maybe instead of buffing basic attack u make the player able to unlock new basic attacks kind of how u unlock new spells

7.In some levels u can save a "shopkeeper" from some enemies and if u succeed u will be able to buy spells that u want from him

8.Maybe arnor? armor that you would apply on your character to give him/her buffs like regen 10 health on hit or take less damage

Thats all my ideas for the game that i feel like arent too op or too dumb to be added

(1 edit)

now that i read my 2nd post again damn i write a lol i hope ur not bored to read lol

No of course I'm not bored, these are all really fun ideas! I've thought about some of these too! PvP is planned if I have enough time, and you will be able to add your own monsters, spells, characters, etc. in the full version with modding :)

There is some work for leveling up spells in progress. Will probably not be available until the final game though (or beta).

I will see if I can add some form of companions! I always like having those in games.

There is actually an alternate basic attack called TriGun you can find in an artifact! It will make you shoot three ways instead of just forward!

That shopkeeper idea is actually really cool! I like that a lot!

Yes some kind of armor item would be very cool. I'll think about that too.

I'm really impressed by the quality of all these ideas. I appreciate it :) Thank you and Merry Christmas Qeltonic!

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5 reasons why  I love this game.

1. Takes the  story segments out.

2.    Only has battle segments and skill trees

3.      Good Pixel Art

4.        Nice Humor 

5.       Not too hard but not too easy either.



Heh thank you for the 5 reasons, It's pretty helpful when people tell me exactly what they like about the game! I'm glad you like the humor too ;)

Right back at ya 


For the secret boss, it would be nice to not have automatic damage (Ruby, autoturrets, etc) kill her during the choice to spare or kill them.


I cannot stop playing this demo. I cannot wait to see more of this. A question though: would it be all right if I played this game on my Twitch stream? I love this so much, and I want to share it with my viewers.

Yes of course! I think I watched you stream it and I really appreciated it. So thank you :)


the game looks amazing! what engine are you using to develop it?

Thank you! I'm using Unity to develop it.

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