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Man this game is frantic, but in the same kind of frantic that a bullet hell captures.

Actually that really sums the game up well to me, a Spire-like bullet hell.  Which is something I didn't know I needed till playing this.

I love how the game looks crazy, but makes sense while playing it, a rare feat!

The demo may have been short but it was a blast! Looking forward to the full launch. :D

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First of all if you are seeing this i highly suggest you play this game because its something unique that i havent seen much if any of the same.

This game is in my opinion really unique overall but first ill start with the graphics, they are for me very very good since i am not into realistic graphics and i really like pixel art this game just clicks to me when it comes to graphics animations are just enough not too much but not too little.

I played this and an hour just went by in a flash i think this just says that the game is good.

How the game controls? Well, its actualy pretty smooth it doesnt feel like there is a delay in the inputs and the controls are really good in my opinion and if someone doesnt like them well they can even change them.

Music was awesome in my opinion i really liked it and it fit the game well.

I love a lot of the mechanics of the game, how when you lose health even at the first enemy you encounter you feel like, that little 30hp you lost will doom you for the rest of your run because you do not heal between fights and i love that feeling. Gameplay is intense and i get so into it that i start to think that pressing my keyboard keys harder make my attacks stronger not every game manages to do that for me so this is a big plus. This game also takes a lot of focus and its really challenging making its completion a hard but really rewarding task as you feel the ultimate satisfaction upon completing it.

From a year ago that i played to be honest i expected more stuff to have changed but even though there wasnt as much as i hoped for it still was a better experience with new spells and some new mechanics some of my favourite being the nurses that you have to save and not totally accidentally kill like i sometimes did (nurses i think should heal 100 health instead of 50 just to make it a bit more rewarding but thats just me)and the campfires since they feel like a nice pause for the player (i would like to see more in the camping spot). Upgrades feel essential getting that good upgrade that you wanted feels awesome and they really enhance the gameplay. All the spells feel like they have a reason to exist and i dont think a single one should get buffed or nerfed my favourite spells were definetly the turret because its a really good in my opinion attack that gives u a disadvantage too making it pretty balanced in a nice way, i really also like the minefield attack because it pretty much guarantees damage if your oponents are moving and it is really helpful.

A year ago i said the paths in this game were pretty much the same and now i think that the same problem exists just in a bit of a smaller scale paths definetly need a change and my suggestion would be to make the top path an easy path the middle path a medium difficulty path and the bottom path a hard path. How would that affect gameplay? Well the idea behind that thought is that the harder the path is the more rewards you get so players can choose to start with the hard path to get good spells and upgrades early on the run and then switch to an easier path to not lose that much health or they can choose to just take the medium path for decent rewards and a decent challenge throughout the run. The flexibility of being able to change paths mid run is why i think this idea would work.

Last time i played this i also thought that the main attack needed a buff but now i dont think it does need a buff because i realised that its purpose wasnt to be a main damage output move so i would have it stay as it is.

The boss fights are challenging but after a few tries you can get their attack patterns in your memory and then its an easy fight. I think the boss fights are definetly good.

What i would want to see in the game also is maybe a coop and a training area where you have access to all the upgrades and all the spells to learn how they work / how to use them.

I really also liked that i did die a lot in this game but i never felt rage probably because it is so easy to just retry sinceu dont have to watch any 10 minute cutscenes or anything everytime you rejoin and the game is pretty fast paced.

I love the enemy / character designs.

Great game and i would love to see the full release :D

I played the game for an hour or so so i might have not gotten the full experience but i think i played enough to at least get some points about the game.

Hope you enjoyed my huge list of things that i liked/disliked about the game.

Mobile version anytime? Can't imagine how good it might be to play it on the go (my hands will be sweaty for sure)

Maybe in the far future!

eden wont respond to this comment



Linux release?

Yeah, there's actually a Linux demo on gamejolt if you'd like to play it.


Loved it! I hope you get to make a full version, MMBN was my life as a kid! 

Thanks so much for playing! Same here :D

This is awesome.
This is so much fun, and its "just" the demo.
How much money I need to keep that I am able to buy it on the release? :D


All I can say is it won't be more than $20


I just discovered this today and had so much fun with it! I am so excited and can't wait for it's release!

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Some feedback in the form of a wall of text:

The "win track" is looping wierdly, it could have a start part and then a looping part. Like this:


Intro ->  |>Looping ^

The music is other than that really good! I would actually expect a chiptune styled track for a game with pixelart, but the music in this game makes the game feel a bit more modern while at the same time fitting the game.

Actually, all the styles manage to go together in this game wonderfully well, which is dead hard to do.

The abilities are a bit hard to understand in the beginning though and all the passive effects and stuff. But after a while i got the hang of it!

I think its a bit wierd that you can move when selecting the next place to go after a battle. Since you are in a menu you should be in the menu and not move around the character.

Its really cool how you get different paths everytime. I found myself looking at the map over and over again to plan out how I should keep going based on my health and my cards. 

I dont really get what the goal of the game really is, is it just to get to the end, what is in the end, is it worth getting to? It would be great with something too look forward too in the end and make it more rewarding when you get there.

I don't know how you made the resolution change but if it is possible, please add a setting for 1920 x 1080.

But thats what mostly noticed and thought of during the game. Everything else was so good that I didn't even notice!

Also, if you need a translator for swedish I'm up for it!

Hey thank you so much for all the suggestions! I'm working on the final version of the game and will make sure all of those are taken care of :) I can tell you have a solid sense of game design!

I've currently got translation all covered but thank you for the offer!


This is such an awesome game!!

Best run I've ever accidentally stumbled into lol

I honestly can't wait for this game to be released! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for what seems like years! 

Idk why but i just see something in this game its really good.This game could become big! With multiplayer or lan and the steam release would be nice.


This is The Best Game I've ever played

I'm Gonna be doing a Live stream on this.

Keep up the good work;)

Really great game! can't wait to see it released! 

Please, make the final release for Linux too. Thanks.

Amazing. Truly amazing. I love how selicy is extremely hard

Which version is the newer?

Itch has 1.68 i while Gamejolt has 1.68 g 

I'll assume that Itch has the newer? 

They're both the same version, although one is linked to gamejolt and the other is linked to!

Just played this demo and its such a smart fun game!! love the reference at the end and i'm excited to see more:)


I played this game months ago and slowly stopped, but now I finally have the time to return to it! I must say the game has improved wir the new cards and bug fixes, and I'm enjoying it more than ever! :3

Overall, I feel that the core gameplay has become quite easier, as I have managed to beat Her with both lives left after a short warmup, but the hard mode remains as challanging as ever. I still havent figured out how to find the secret boss, but I'm working on it every step of the way!

 Love the work, hope to se a new update soon! :*

Thank you for playing Scavanger X! It might have become easier or maybe you just got better ;) There is so much more content for the game. I'll have an update in the future!


Hello, I'm a huge MMBN fan and I love the approach of this game. I'm a native spanish speaker and would really love to be able to help and work in a spanish translation. If you plan on translating it, is there a way we could talk about it? Thanks!

Hey Daikenki, professional Spanish and many other languages are already planned for localization for the full version. I really appreciate the offer for help though! :)


This is such an addictive game! I love how simple and smooth the controls are and the incorporation of deck building is a really cool concept. Animations look great and the variety of attacks keep things fresh. Keep up the good work! I featured some footage from it in my latest list. 

Thanks for showing it off! :)


I like rouge-likes, I loved MMBN, I am sharing this with my friends, like, now. Thank you for your hard work.

Hey Korokage, I'm the same as you! Thank you for sharing and I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :)

My computer system is Windows, but I can't download your game, and will prompt the download to fail.

You may need to disable some firewall or security settings?

Hi, I'm brazilian and wanna help you with the Brazil traduction. I really love the indie initiative. I know a good english and brazilian, I will do my best. How can I contact you?

Replied to your email :)

Author Hello, what I want to say is that when I downloaded about 90% of your works, I downloaded them incorrectly. Why?

I'm not sure what you mean? Can you tell me if you're on Windows or Mac and what error you're getting?


nice- well done.

ОЧЕНЬ классная игра, буду ждать релиза :) 


I hope the game is published without soon,
It's a very fun game, I love it

Thank you so much! The full game will be published soon!


I said I wouldn't download this, or play it. 

And here I am, If only to appreciate the pixel work, which seems to be very good. And then I see the word roguelike- and realized this is a legitimate roguelike, tile-based, turn-based movements. 

I'll give it a whirl, what's the worst that could happen, right

I'm glad you're giving it a try Temmieneko, what did you think?? Also why didn't you want to download it or play it before XD


not a fan of MMBN, gave it a shot, ,still not fond of the game style xD

just was never into the game series as a whole.

good sprite work though ^^


I like game


One Step From Eden game really like.

NIce Game:)


Hey I am having problem getting the Linux version of Eden to work with steam as a non steam game at the moment I am using my steam controller on desktop mode. Outside of that this game is awesome and I am sure this game will be the death of me both financially and physically. Also if somehow you get EGS to notice you please don't put it there I would appreciate that.

Ah I haven't tested with a Steam Controller yet! But I do own one and will make sure to give that a shot. I'm so glad you think it's awesome!! What do you  mean by EGS, and why shouldn't I put it there? :o


I meant Epic Games Store that place is cancer right now the guy who runs it is also complete ass

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Posting my review in the comments aswell, if that's okay !

After playing this demo for almost an hour, I can safely say that it's a great foundation for a potentially awesome game. The core gameplay has everything you could ask for and it's easy to get lost in the possibilities that it could offer.

The fullscreen mode is a little blurry but I guess it's not final.

The UI is a bit confusing and cluttered but still works fine, I can imagine the challenge when designing such a system.

The controls feel super good most of time except when you have to move fast around the tiles, but maybe that's intended.

Ennemies are fair and diverse enough (for a demo), but their movement is hard to predict so certain spells are less likely to hit, but this part can probably be solved by getting better at the game.

However, attacks that destroy tiles often feel bad for the player because not only it forces them to dodge incoming attacks in a particular way (that's good btw) but also often prevents the player from attacking while dodging, this is clearly the case against the first boss. Destroyed tiles can also trap the player in a 2-tile area with a bouncing attack alternate between them, so it's impossible to dodge. That's unfortunate.

The tile system could also be improved by adding different configurations of tiles in certain battles, but that could actually be hard to integrate without altering the flow of combat.

At the moment, choosing a path over another feels pointless because they're not randomized between each run, and they're not varied enough, but that'll probably change. It's also hard to read where you can and cannot go, there probably needs to be intersections battles/events like in Slay The Spire.

I bring up Slay The Spire because this is the first thing that came to my mind when playing One Step From Eden, the two games are really similar in many instances, mostly the map and the ever-returning deck of cards/spells.

Beyond that, let me say once again that the game has a really strong foundation. It just needs polishing. 

Whether it be a more unique art direction (which is kinda good already, just a bit generic), better UI, refreshing gameplay loop, clearer text, controller support.

It also needs content, obviously : More cards, ennemies, bosses, characters, upgrades, decors, events... I have so many ideas ! That's how great the demo is.

So yeah, all in all One Step From Eden is really promising, I hope it goes beyond my expectations, will of course be watching its development from afar, and try it out every time a new demo is playable.

Good job!

PS : I haven't really paid attention to the music so far, so I don't know what could be improved about it.

i'd just like to point out that starting from the last version (v165) you can get rid of both cards and relic things in the menu in between combats

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Oh you're right, I didn't catch that, I don't think the game properly shows you that option. That's very good, thanks, I edited my comment.

Edit : Oh it seems you can do it only one time and I don't think there's a way to get more card removal


Hey Malefic, thank you so much for that fantastic review! Stuff like this is super helpful, and I'm happy to say that a lot of your concerns are already on my radar! You can try increasing the screen scale to make it less blurry. I will be working on everything you mentioned, including lots of polish and a ton more content! 

maybe a quick development log update will help this community grow 

still downloading it, have like most of the past ones as well


I don't think the posts here get too much visibility so I've been neglecting it a bit! I'll try to post here a bit more though :) I think it's mostly bug fixes with a couple new spells thrown in cause I like you guys.


Back into it...

Awesome, always a good time watching you play! Thanks Step :)

Not a problem!

could you add the ability to re-size the screen? the fact that just a bit of the bottom gets cut off really bugs me, that or a fullscreen would be really nice. keep up the good work!

Hey manky there should be a fullscreen setting in the settings. Also a way to change the "screenscale" :)

thanks! not sure how i missed it, i tend to be unable to use my brain on occasion. Good job with the game so far i'm looking forward to the full release!

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' *downloads v160*

this is hard, but manageable, *"beats" first boss in 3 attempts*

*beats HER is 6 attempts* yeah, not too bad

*checks 3 weeks or so later, sees that OSFE no longer has demo in the title* WHAT!? RELEASE ALREADY?!

*sees that it's still in demo but v165* how much harder can this be? '

firstly i really like that i can ditch spells and check their affects in between battles it really helps for planning ahead,

but why does it feel so much harder? everything suddenly seems so much faster, is this because you sped it up? or is it just because i haven't played in a week... or 3.

just because i'm bad at the game doesn't mean i don't love it! the game is awesome

anyway, the purpose of this comment is to report a bug, in v165 the game crashes every time i click the restart button, and i have no idea why, i'm using a mac with the latest software btw

Thanks manky I'll take a look at that bug! I don't think I made the game much harder, but there were definitely some tweaks!


when the dev says no update but then makes ten massive updates

*shock face*


Hahaha, I keep having to build demos for showcases and booths (currently GDC and PAX East). So I end up updating the downloadable build too!

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